Cigar and Rum Tasting


2 hours




From: $90

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Do you consider yourself a cigar amateur? Can you tell your Romeo y Julietas from your H. Upmanns? If not, no worries, because we have the city’s most knowledgeable professionals on hand to teach you everything they know about cigars. You’ll learn how to roll your very own cigar so you can look and talk like a seasoned professional smoking your hand-rolled habano in the tropical heat of Cartagena de Indias. This experience is perfect for novices and connoisseurs alike. Our team of experts will accompany you throughout the entire process, from choosing your blend of tobacco (do you prefer something smooth or medium-strength?) to moistening the leaf, rolling, and finally, the most important part -tasting. We will also provide you with a fascinating insight into the history of this centuries-old tradition, including how the leaf is the key to its flavor, how to cut and store your cigar, and how to use your nose and taste buds to identify the flavors and nuances in each cigar. And what’s a better complement to your cigar than the finest selection of rums from around the world? We can teach you how to prepare your palate, identify viscosity, body, and finish. Our experts will share their secrets with you. You will also learn the captivating history of this highly versatile spirit, which originated in the sugarcane plantations of the Caribbean around 300 years ago. We will start you off with a bottle of Dictador, an award-winning premium Colombian rum made in our very own Cartagena, which originated way back in the 18th Century.

What's Included

  • Tour led by expert guide
  • One Cigar per Person to be hand rolled at the spot
  • A second cigar to take with you
  • Two shots of Dictador Rum for perfect pairing

Cigar and rum tasting, our high-quality services at Hi Cartagena never disappoint and you’re guaranteed to leave this tasting wiser, more informed and a little (hic!) happier, if you know what we mean. For groups/events please contact us !


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