2 Bachelor Parties, 1 City, 0 Inhibitions

Cartagena Bachelor Party

Hi Cartagena Bachelor Parties was thrilled to welcome two groups itching to have the most all out, no holds barred parties in town.

In the blue corner, weighing in at 6 guys strong, hailing from New York City, Utriv`s boys. Arriving on the Thursday night, bags, shades and livers at the ready.

They had undoubtedly brought their A-game. They checked into their luxury villa in the heart of Bocagrande, the playground for Cartagena’s elite. Once ready they turned their attention to a night on the town. Hitting up the best spots and taking back the worst shots left, right and center.


Day 2 arrived and it was time to get out on the sea. These guys didn’t go for your average snorkelling or diving trip though. Nah, it was Flyboard o’ Clock. There is something quite different about using water jet propulsion to hover above the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea, and it’s a good something.

Once they had their feet back on dry land they decided to try their hand at mixing cocktails and drinking cocktails, more of the latter was observed if we’re honest. Heading out with Ivan on the best pub crawl in the city, the Hi Cartagena Barhopper, they were given a tour of the finest bars with the best mixologists in all of Cartagena. El booze did flow and la fiesta did grow. Taking the chance to mingle with some of Colombia’s beautiful women they soon found themselves in the most happening nightclub in the city on their own VIP table complete with bottle service.

Rosario Islands Cartagena

To complete the Bachelor Party their was no other option than to choose from Hi Cartagena’s extensive selection of speedboats to rent and get out to the islands. First Rosario, these boys cruised the waves in style on a private 28 foot speedboat. Stopping off for a lobster lunch on the beach and a floating fiesta in Cholon, the infamous island party that Hi Cartagena hosts every weekend. There was no doubt that these boys had made the most of their trip to the Caribbean Coast.

In the Red Corner, the bigger of the parties arrived with 8 guys but it was evident they weren’t being weighed down by any inhibitions. First night they made us of HI Cartagena inside knowledge to get the best table at one of the best restaurants in town where they dined on meals prepared by some of Cartagena’s finest chefs. Several bottles of wine and uncountable shots later they found themselves in the spot where the most beautiful and stylish of Cartagena hang out, La Movida. To get in here you’ve really got to prove you can style yourself to red carpet quality. No shorts, no service is more than just a rule here.

City Concierge

Taking the most of the City Concierge service that comes included with all of the Hi Cartagena bachelor parties, they got the best tables in the best restaurants. They toured the nicest parts of the city in style, group transportation was always available and at their beck and call.

Cholon Shared Boat Tour

They became the first group to take advantage of the brand new Cholon shared boat tour. At $150 this is by far the best way to get to Cholon on a budget. Taking a 40ft SeaRay with a group of fun loving, beautiful strangers to the some of the beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. Dining on lobster and dancing to the heavy bass beats of Reggaeton. This was the definition of a Hi Cartagena experience.

The winner? A tie, of course! They chose different ways to do it but both groups more than got the job done!