Regatta Cholon with Hi Cartagena

Cholon Regatta Reggaeton

1 Similar to the Cholon Parties, Regatta Reggaeton is much bigger and much more epic as it only happens once a year, during the months of December and January. On top of being a giant boat party, the Regatta Reggaeton is also a Reggaeton Concert Series with a variety of Reggaeton artists performing each weekend. Let’s just say you should probably be a fan of Reggaeton for this one.

We are here to hook you up with the perfect yacht, speedboat, cruiser, perisher or catamaran rental, whatever floats your boat really (pun intended), for you and your friends on this epic party day. We can also make sure your boat is packed with

hotties providing you with an ample amount of eye candy for the day. As well, you will need a shit load of booze, some munchies and maybe a few other party favours which we can also take care and are here to make sure you have everything you need for this monumental day drinking event.

Like the song says “si necesitas reggaeton dale” which translates to “If you need Reggaeton, let’s go”… and reserve your private yacht or speedboat for this years Regatta Reggaeton. Act now because anyone who’s anyone will be hitting up this party and boats get booked up pretty fast.

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