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2 hours




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Cartagena has a “chocolate factory” where they create all kind of cacao-based products. Here you can become a master of the cacao by learning how to roast the beans, make chocolate tea, other cacao beverages and chocolate pralines. Walking into the “chocolate factory” – or chocolate museum, is any chocolate lover’s dream. You literally become a kid in a candy shop; but a candy shop that is filled to the brim with delicious, high quality, locally and fairly sourced candy. The shop, which also doubles as a museum and a workshop, greets you with a wonderful sweet scent, alongside the sweet smiles of the super friendly – and very knowledgeable – staff. Discover a myriad of new flavors and ways of eating, drinking, and wearing (believe us) cocoa products. Pasta, body creams, tea, and even flavored liquors make the this place the most experimental and exciting chocolate shop you’ll ever seen. Also sample the delights of other traditional Colombian treats, such as coffee and traditional local candies such as cocadas, coconut-based sweets that you may have encountered at Playa Blanca, and dulce de lechebabies, which have an interesting – albeit slightly creepy – history.

What's Included

  • Masterclass in chocolate making
  • A guided tour in the museum
  • Bilingual guide/teacher
  • Try Cacao-based beverages

On this experience, you will learn all about the fascinating (and sometimes gory) history of chocolate, as well as the production process. You will also learn plenty of interesting new facts to entertain your friends with. Step up, Switzerland! You are officially the world’s biggest consumers of chocolate per capita!

In the chocolate-making workshop, your knowledgeable instructor will show you how to make cocoa-shell tea, Mayan-style hot chocolate, and the best traditional hot chocolate of your life. You will learn the whole process from scratch; from picking and toasting your cocoa beans, to making the paste, meaning that no two tour experiences are the same, as you are in charge! You will also have the liberty of making your very own mini chocolates with high-quality pure chocolate and luxurious added ingredients such as brazil nuts, candied ginger, cranberries, and many more.

This experience is for foodies, history-lovers, and sweet-toothed tourists, but most of all for those of you who like to have alternative tourist experiences, stepping out of the box to truly experience the authentic flavors of our diverse and beautiful country.


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