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If you’ve ever been to Cartagena you’ve probably noticed the bright, colourfully painted buses blaring Latin music. It is full of people who look like the are having a great time driving around the city. If it’s your first time visiting the beautiful Fantastica (Cartagena), you will know what buses we are talking about upon arrival. The Chiva tours are iconic to Cartagena and you haven’t really visited Cartagena without stepping on board and experiencing a Chiva. The Colorful Chiva bus will carry you and your fellow travelers throughout the streets of Cartagena. Introducing you to everything in our city that’s needed to be seen, and meanwhile you’ll have a lot of fun!

Day-time Chiva City Tour:
The Chiva can be experienced during the day and is a great way to visit the most popular tour sites in Cartagena. Moreover, all in one go. On the day time tour you will be taken around Cartagena’s downtown area. Therefore making stops at the San Felipe Fort, San Pedro Church, the giant boots statue.  Further we will visit the bays of both Bocagrande and Manga. Also we will see the grand houses of El Cabrero.

Furthermore the tour includes entry to all attractions as well as a bilingual (English and Spanish) tour guide. The tour leaves Laguito neighbourhood (near Bocagrande) at 1:30 pm. If you are staying in either Laguito or Bocagrande the Chiva can pick you up directly from where you are staying. You can also choose to be picked up at the Clock Tower (Old Town) between 1:45-2:00 pm but this would mean missing the first part of the tour.

Night-time Party Chiva Tour:

You like to party and want to have a great time the way the locals do? Most noteworthy while touring around the beautiful and romantic city of Cartagena? Then the Night time Party Chiva Tour is your best bet. This tour comes equipped with a bar and the price includes Rum & Cokes. Above all, there will be a live band on board to keep you movin’ and groovin’ in your seat. Followed by some deep-fried snacks at one of the stops to help soak up the alcohol and finally reaching a night club at the end.

The tour lasts around 3-4 hours and departs from Laguito around 8:30 and wraps up at around midnight. You can choose to be picked up right from your hotel or accommodations if it’s in the Bocagrande/Laguito area. You can also meet up at the Clock Tower for an early departure at 7:30 before the picking up the remaining passengers. Keep in mind alcohol is not available until all passengers are on board.
Meeting Point for early departure: Estatua Pedro de Heredia (Pedro de Heredia statue) located in square behind the clock tower “Torre del reloj”.

– Chiva pick up from your hotel (if you are staying in Bocagrande or Laguito) or you can meet up at Clock Tower to start the tour
– 3-4 hour tour around Cartagena’s most popular neighbourhoods
– Stop at iconic landmarks such as the boots in Pie de La Popa, San Filipe Fort and the San Pedro Church (day chiva only)
– Entrance to all tourist attractions (day chiva only)
– Rum and coke plus entrance to a nightclub at the end of the tour (night chiva only)
– Experienced bilingual guide
– Detailed information about Cartagena’s historic past and the significance of each and every landmark visited along the way 

PRICE: Day Chiva $24USD/person, Night Chiva $17USD/person
HIGH SEASON PRICE (December 22th – January 5th): Day Chiva $32USD/person, Night Chiva $25USD/person


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