Celebrity Travel actors in Cartagena Colombia

Celebrity travel in Cartagena

Not only has Cartagena, Colombia become a popular destination for foreign travelers, but the city has seen an up-tick in celebrity sightings over the last couple years. Recently, Hi Cartagena had the opportunity to spend 4 days with a group of celebrities from Greece as they filmed adventures for their YouTube travel show here in Cartagena. Actor Maos Papagiannis, along with his actress wife Aggeliki Daliani, joined forces with admired Greek singer Apostolia Zoi, and renowned businessman Nikolaos Koklonis to shoot the series. Hi Cartagena was honored to have been able to provide our one-of-a-kind services for the group while they were in town. Our services took them to the popular Las Bovedas, which is known for being a 400 year-old dungeon, but is now lined with craft shops and stores. There we captured a number of local street performers break-dancing and using the street as their trampoline as they flipped into the air to a round of cheers. In the evening we headed to the top of the wall where we treated the group to freshly-made cocktails and a wonderful atmosphere at one of our favorite spots for sunset. This was the ideal location for the shooting of the incredible sunset in Cartagena.

The following day we chauffeured the group around all of Cartagena to take in the different sights and sounds of the city, along the way stopping to chat and take pictures with our Palenquera friends. With many boutique shops and restaurants around the city, it made for a full day of exploring, before heading to the Volcan de Lodo El Totumo (Mud Volcano) where  Hi Cartagena set up the tour and transportation for the group to enjoy the hot mud baths. Not to be outdone by the first two days, Hi Cartagena planned a trip to Isla Baru on one of our many private yachts. We spent the day relaxing in a private villa, while shooting scenes about the beautiful ocean for the show. A tour of Pablo Escobar’s mansion on Rosario Island was next on the docket for the the celebrity group, and we gave them the VIP tour through the gutted, yet mesmerizing mansion. Apostolia and Nikolaos enjoyed a day in the Caribbean zooming around on our jet-skis, before finishing off the trip with a delicious dinner at one of the most exceptional restaurants in town.

Hi Cartagena offers a number of private luxury tours inside the city, and around the islands. We understand that privacy is a must when people of status travel and we are able to meet those requirements. Hi Cartagena has access to the finest private yachts, planes, and cars in the city and we are able to accommodate any type of transportation needs for you or your client. Private colonial-style mansions are also available and we can arrange to have a private chef at the home for any number of meals. Here at Hi Cartagena, we deal with the best of the best in luxury Cartagena and take pride in our work. Contact us today to plan your luxury trip.