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Hi Cartagena recently played host to 38 students from NYC

Hi Cartagena recently played host to 38 students from NYC on a break from their studies to come and live it up Caribbean style. We took care of the colonial house, the catamaran, the transport and the tours and they took care of bringing good vibes and a touch of that ‘city-that-never-sleeps’ attitude.

Friday – A Colonial House for the masses

The group landed over the course of around 2 hours into good old Rafael Nuñez. We dropped them to sit happily in a bar to wait while the rest of their entourage arrived. Once we had every last man, woman and child in tow the bus pulled up and we took them to their own, private, luxury house in the most happening neighborhood of Cartagena, Getsemani.

Casa Sabrina, the magnificent quasi-palace, was the perfect place for this group. Complete with 18 bedrooms (with 18 en-suites), a roof terrace you could play football on, pool, Jacuzzi, spa-center, restaurant and a rooftop bar. This is the ultimate pad for a large group. At Casa Sabrina, size and substance are treated as equals.

After this we dropped off enough booze to take down a herd of wildebeest and left them to their own devices. “Devices” being an awesome rooftop party with a great view over the city.

Saturday – Cocktails and Sunsets

A little jet-lagged and possibly a little weary from the previous night’s shenanigans the guys decided to spend a day relaxing on the roof and taking in the ever present rays of the Cartagena sun.

In the evening we set them up with a beautiful spot at the renowned Cafe del Mar. Top class cocktails with the awe-inspiring view of the sun dissolving into the Caribbean Sea. As far as ways to spend an evening go, this one isn’t half bad.

Sunday – A Catamaran at Cholon Island party

The big one, this day was supposed to be the highlight of the weekend. And without a doubt it was. Hi Cartagena set the guys up with a 64ft Catamaran, a goliath of a ship with ability to carry 50 people. Plus crew, and, as we know from our personal experience, a shed-load of booze.

After picking the guys up from their house we took them to the harbor where we set sail for the biggest and best (in our humble opinion) island party in the Caribbean. Cholon is a gathering of yachts, boats and vessels of every variety convene to the backdrop of Caribbean music and a white sand beaches. This all-day, every weekend, lobster filled party is an absolute must for anyone visiting Cartagena.

Monday – A Bottomless Pit and a Bus Party

The last day of the trip and we needed to do something pretty special . So we doubled up! Two tours, twice the fun. First we went to the famous Totumo Mud Volcano. Legend has it this mini mountain used to bubble with fire and brimstone before a local priest blessed it and turned the lava into nutrient rich mud. He was clearly a fan of spas as this I a great place for those looking to try a mud bath au natural.

In the evening we picked them up after their dinner at the fantastic Demente restaurant in Getsemani. We arrived in an all singing, all dancing, bell ringing, light flashing Chiva Bus. If you’re in Cartagena you’ll no doubt see these bouncing round the town blaring Champeta music. You won’t see many like this though, 38 students all dressed in white and dancing to the sound of a live band on board the bus. The guys even hired the band to come back to their house after the tour and carry on the party into the wee hours!

Tuesday – Heading Home

We set up two buses to take the guys back to the airport and say our goodbyes. An awesome weekend was had and we hope they come back to our shores soon for round 2!

If you’re interested in setting up an incredible weekend like this for your family or friends we can help! Just get in touch by emailing us at or you can call or WhatsApp us at +57 314 5948838.