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Whether you consider yourself a poker pro, a Blackjack master or just someone who likes to play for fun, HiCartagena has everything you need to turn your temporaryhome in the city into a glamorous Casino. We have all the resources on hand to transport you to Las Vegas in the heart of the historic walled city.

We provide everything you need: tables, chips, staff and even your own personal barman to get the adrenaline and martinis flowing. We bring the party to you, in the privacy of your own home! Be a social butterfly and flutter from table to table, good luck following you wherever you go (we hope!). You can play with real money or just for fun – when it comes to our high-quality services at HiCartagena, you’re in charge.

We always strive for the biggest and best of everything, and will ensure that everything is in place for you to feel like a true James Bond in Casino Royale – so start practicing your poker face, because things are going to kick off – and we’ll make sure its done with a bang!

If you prefer to mingle with local gambling aficionados in Cartagena’s best and brightest casinos, we can also make that happen! We have the best contacts in the city and can take you on a tour of the city’s finest gambling joints. Think of it as a pub-crawl…but with casinos! Feel the glitz and glamour of Bocagrande at night; step out on the balcony to sip your whiskey and take in the relaxing sound of the ocean below you.

Feel the rush of excitement as the chips pile up, and chill out with the knowledge that you’re in safe and savvy hands.

The Cartagena Casino experience with HiCartagena tours is guaranteed to be an unforgettable one full of glitz, glamour, and, hopefully, good fortune!

Hi Cartagena Perks.

Our team has been picked to provide you with all the best of things to see and do. We know Cartagena like the back of our hand and are here to offer you whatever you can imagine. We provide anything from customized tours and extravagant parties to the best accommodations and places to eat and drink in Cartagena.
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