Cartagena’s Best Art Galleries

With the large murals and colorful colonial buildings that line the streets of the city center, Cartagena is a work of art in and of itself. For the traveling art aficionados, The Museum of Modern Art is a must-visit, as well as other museums displaying the craftsmanship of Cartageneros both past and present. If you’re looking to take a piece of art home, however, then you’ll definitely want to head to one of the city’s many art galleries. 

From sculptures and paintings to photography and mixed media, you’ll find a diverse world of work from both Colombian and international artists. Here are just a few of the best art galleries in Cartagena:

Casa Museo La Presentacion 

La Presentacion is more than just an art gallery and that’s what makes it a favorite hangout spot among locals and travelers alike. Housed inside a large building with a palm-filled courtyard as its centerpiece, the surrounding rooms feature mini exhibits from various artists; a cafe serving up delicious pastries and Colombian coffee; a shop selling local crafts; and an event space for the near nightly gatherings celebrating art, poetry, music and more.

Espitia Galeria

Born and raised in Cartagena, Rafael Espitia has exhibited his art since the age of 13. Decades later, he continues to wow art lovers with his work in both his Cartagena and Miami art galleries. In Cartagena, you’ll find Espitia’s art displayed alongside the work of other Colombian artists, as well as artists from around the world. This gallery features artwork across a variety of themes and styles, including pop art, modern art, impressionism, abstracts and more. 

NH Galeria

Another favorite among the art aficionados in Cartagena is the NH Galeria. Located in the heart of the city center, the NH Galeria partners with the Nohra Haime Gallery in New York City to bring a constant rotation of exhibits featuring both renowned and emerging artists from around the globe. Photography, paintings, sculptures…you name it and you’ll find it here. NH Galeria is for the sophisticated art lover, as well as the casual admirer. 

The Getsemani Neighborhood

Getsemani is technically not an art gallery, but as the home of Cartagena’s most impressive street art, it can’t be left out of this conversation. Walking through Getsemani is like exploring an art gallery with surprises waiting around every corner. For a guided look at the artwork that hides in the nooks and crannies of this neighborhood, Hi Cartagena offers an Art and Architecture Tour. We’ll make sure you don’t miss a single brushstroke of beauty. 

Cartagena is a city filled with both architectural and natural wonders. Add a visit to some of the best art galleries in Cartagena for a bigger picture of all the beauty and talent this city truly has to offer. 

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