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Hi Cartagena Sport Fishing Report 2

Sport Fishing Cartagena

We started the weekend in the best possible way as we took a group of great clientes for sport fishing Cartagena experience

What we had in our minds was an idea for a perfect weekend. What we didn’t have in our favour was the weather. We didn’t have that Caribbean sunny weather with us today but that didn’t take out the wind from our sails. The group was excited and we felt that the luck was with us! So we took out Hi Cartagena’s 36ft Speedboat, equipped for fishing, to deep waters for Sport fishing Cartagena experience.

As we started trolling a group member commented, “Are they taking us to a honey-hole or not?” It didn’t take more than three minutes and we had the first bite on one of our live baits. We were elated but not for long. Unluckily, what we thought was a, Barracuda managed to nip off the live bait avoiding the big hooks by a whisker. But now the group was sure that their question was answered. After replacing the half-eaten live bait our fishing expert managed to throw it back into the water. In no time, we felt something attacking the bait. It was almost ridiculous how fast it went. The sound of the reel spinning revealed that it was on the hook and made us all shout out loud. We started hauling in what we hoped was a big fish.

Fishing Barracuda!

We could finally see the fish coming in after some fast hauling from the group. A sizebale Barracuda was on the deck and we were all happy to have manage getting the first fish in.

After knocking it out (you don’t want to put your finger into a Barracuda’s mouth) we all started to examine the fish as we happily all cheered. Now we felt the luck on our side stronger than ever! It was no mistake, the next reel started to spin. This was the time of the steel wire with a Magnum lure. Once again the group hauled in a Barracuda. Quite faster, for sure! Not as big the previous one, but we were just as happy.

After some trolling we spotted something bigger out in the waves! It was a group of dolphins that came to company us on our mission. It was a joyous end to the Sport fishing Cartagena experience. The group was  thrilled with the catch and finally decided to head back to mainland.

Although we didn’t have the best weather we sure had a good time, the catch made it all worth!

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