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Thinking of planning a perfect day plan for your family? A plan which especially involves and includes even the little ones in the family. And surely going through a gallery of options online, has made the decision making somewhat tough. That’s where Hi Cartagena comes in with a perfect day plan for your family. Our travel experts have developed a better style of family travel, one that favours real life experiences over the virtual ones. Presenting to you the Family Tour in Cartagena. This day plan involves going to the Islands of Rosario Islands on your luxury speedboat. This speedboat is stuffed with the snorkeling gears and paddleboard for the family. We would start with taking you to the best area in the islands of Rosario for snorkeling in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea, where you can see the marine life in their natural habitat.

And it doesn’t stop there. Once we are done swimming in the corals, we will then head to the beautiful Oceanarium where the little ones will get a chance to see the aquatic life like never before. At the Oceanarium Rosario Islands you can enjoy all the wonders, beauty and color of the marine life in the Rosario’s Coral Reef National Park. Little travellers like to ask the big questions. The Oceanario Islas del Rosario also has an educational museum where many  aquatic species are exhibited and information on their ecology is given. Diversity of algae, sponges, corals, mollusk, crustaceous, fish, reptiles and marine mammals are presented in this museum through collections, informative posters, illustrating the main ecosystems of the area (coral reefs, seagrasses and mangroves). Also indicated are the actions that can be taken to contribute towards its conservation. With so much for kids (and big kids) to learn from around the world – we believe in doing our bit to bring up the next generation of responsible travellers. This means educating the travel community, sustainable travel practices and sharing ways in which we can all travel responsibly.

Further nice guided visit on platforms over the water, will let you see, appreciate and enjoy the wealth of the ocean and at the same time that you will be entertained and amused in the midst of a natural environment. Just picture, feeding the baby sharks, kissing the dolphins and seeing many other animals. After this we will head for lunch at the place of your choice in Rosario or in Baru. The rest of the day will be spent in a beach making sand castles, may be some more snorkleing and paddleboarding, and immersing in the culture in true Caribbean style. A perfect day for the family!

The most important part, we will pick you up from your hotel or vacation rental and take you to the dock in the morning. Once we are back after spending the day in the islands,we will again transport you back from the dock to your vacation rental. With Hi Cartagena, you just have to relax as we will take care of everything!!!

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