Cartagena Car Hire

A visit to Cartagena wouldn’t be complete without a transport so you can visit all the sights, like the beautiful island and the stunning mud volcano. Nothing is so hectic and sweaty like relying on public transport or touring around Cartagena by foot. Find perfect car for hire in Cartagena and travel with ease.

With a rental car you won’t have to miss chances to attended Cartagena party or turn down an invitation. Cartagena is well known for it beautiful colonial buildings, pretty beaches, colorful streets, delicious seafood dishes and coconut lemonade, as well as modern Colombia art. Don’t miss a chance to visit all the awesome places of Cartagena all in the name of lack of transport.

Hi Cartagena are here for you, not only will we provide you with your favorite car but also a professional driver. We have access to all types of modern vehicles ranging from Smart Sedans to Luxury Minivans. The following is a list of modern cars to hire at this popular tourist destination.

Airport Transfer Choose vehicle type and number of pax (Starting from $25)

Enjoy convenient and pocket friendly means of transport between Cartagena airport and your hotel. We are well organized and we do offer impressive services. Make arrangement with us and be assured of a safest and cost-effective drive to your precious hotel. Our drivers are well trained and friendly. Feel safe with Hi-Cartagena

city tour
Cartagena Palomino Transportation lg

Cartagena / Palomino Choose vehicle type and number of pax (Starting from $330)

Travelling between Cartagena and Palomino is no longer a problem. Hi-Cartagena we are here to offer the safest means to get to Palomino. We have vans and cars that car pick you up at your hotel in Cartagena and drop you off in Palomino. Make arrangements with us, we are here to ensure you have enjoyed your stay in Cartagena. In addition we have the best drivers.

Cartagena / Santa Marta Choose vehicle type and number of pax (Starting from $210)

Are you travelling across Cartagena, Santa Marta is a beautiful spot to visit. It is surrounded with beautiful beaches. Hire a car and reach to this destination comfortably. Our drivers are professional and they know everything about Santa Marta. The beautiful thing about this city is that it is the entrance to the famous Tayrona National Park.

You can either use our car or van services. Don’t worry, our prices are pocket friendly. Plus you will get all the transport services you need from your choice of car to a trained driver.

Cartagena SantaMarta Transportation lg
Cartagena Tayrona Transportation lg

Cartagena / Tayrona Choose vehicle type and number of pax (Starting from $330)

Cartagena is home for most renowned attractions; hence you need more than a day to tour each and every corner of the city. Hiring a car will be the most convenient way to visit your favorite designer store, the white beaches and its’ beautiful landmarks. Travel to Tayrona in style with Hi-Cartagena.

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