Cartagena Car Hire

A visit to Cartagena wouldn’t be complete without a transport so you can visit all the sights, like the beautiful island and the stunning mud volcano. Nothing is so hectic and sweaty like relying on public transport or touring around Cartagena by foot. Find perfect car for hire in Cartagena and travel with ease.

With a rental car you won’t have to miss chances to attended Cartagena party or turn down an invitation. Cartagena is well known for it beautiful colonial buildings, pretty beaches, colorful streets, delicious seafood dishes and coconut lemonade, as well as modern Colombia art. Don’t miss a chance to visit all the awesome places of Cartagena all in the name of lack of transport.

Hi Cartagena are here for you, not only will we provide you with your favorite car but also a professional driver. We have access to all types of modern vehicles ranging from Smart Sedans to Luxury Minivans. The following is a list of modern cars to hire at this popular tourist destination.


Cartagena / Mompox

Choose vehicle type and number of pax
(Starting from $330)
Rent A Car Cartagena

Cartagena / Barranquilla

Choose vehicle type and number of pax
(Starting from $180)
Cartagena Minca Transportation

Cartagena / Minca

Choose vehicle type and number of pax
(Starting from $360)