Colombian Party Animals

Every weekend the beautiful island of Cholon plays host to a massive party on the water. How do you get to be a part of this awesome party, you ask? Let us take care of that, we will hook you up with a ballin’ boat or yacht (depending on your budget), enough alcohol to let all your inhibitions free, plenty of food because we know you will need it, and of course a dope-ass playlist that will get all the girls twerking.
 Oh and bachelors, we know nobody likes a sausage party so we can even get you a boat load of hot colombian girls dressed in skimpy bikinis to make all your boys back home jealous and wonder how the hell you ever scored such bombshells when they see the stories on your social media. Bachelorettes, of course we haven’t forgotten about you, we can also score you a boat load of GQesque Colombian babes to keep you company.
This is an experience you do not want to pass down and one you will hopefully remember forever, depending on how inebriated you decide to get..The best part of booking with us is that we know exactly how to get there (not talking about the route) and we’ll have everything you need for the best experience and without you having to lift a finger.

What we do for you:

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