Carnival of Barranquilla

The costumes and the dances are seen around the world. The music is so rhythmic that your soul starts to move. Feathers and glitter and paint and foam. This is Carnival of Barranquilla.
Carnival is the celebration of the days before the Catholic holiday of Ash Wednesday. In other parts of the world this festival is know as Mardi Gras. It is a traditional weekend party that is supposed to be the last time to go crazy before the Catholic observation of Lent. In the religion, Catholics have to be more humble, fast on certain days, and be less indulgent. This observation last 40 days so you know that people are going to be living it up that weekend!
No Carnival on earth is quite like the one in Barranquilla. It is the second largest in the world behind Rio de Janeiro. Barranquilla is a port city on Colombia´s Caribbean coast and is the hometown of two of Colombia’s most famous cultural icons, Shakira and Sofia Vergara. Unlike the “normal carnival” that only last one weekend, Barranquilleros (the locals) take to the street and party all month long. When you experience the Carnival in Barranquilla, you’ll understand why everyone is so fascinated by and attracted to Colombia. You will be overcome by the flavors, sights, and sounds of the Caribbean. If you are in Cartagena this month, it definitely worth a weekend trip to check out the action, or at least one night. The main fiesta will be happening from 2nd of March to 5th of March. Located just 2 hours from Cartagena, transportation is easy, we’ll help you!
Hi Cartagena can make it even easier and more secure for you. We can provide you with recommendations and places to stay, transportation and event tickets. If you like to we even have city concierge, that means we be there for you during the whole Carnival or the time you ask us for. As concierge we’ll guide you through the party, be there and help you with translations, the shopping, check ins, plan the trip and a lot more.
Send us a message and let us know if you are ready for one of the best parties in the world!

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Guacherna Night

The coastal city of Barranquilla is normally an industrial, hard-working city, often overlooked by tourists on their travels between the touristic cities of Cartagena and Santa Marta. It also happens to be the home to the biggest carnival in Colombia, and the second biggest carnival in South America.
Whilst the official carnival procession normally takes place in mid-February, the celebrations and incredible party atmosphere often spill over into the months of January and March, in the pre- and post-Carnival celebrations. The tradition of the Guacherna celebration dates back to the beginning of the 20th Century and is one of the most visually pleasing, energetic and must-see events of the Barranquilla carnival.
The word Guacherna is shrouded in mystery for foreigners and Colombians alike. When asked to describe its meaning, one tourist from Medellin could only say, “It’s just like a huge party”. And that’s exactly what you should expect; the streets are full of people in brightly colored dresses and feathers, there’s dancing and music on every street corner, and groups of friends and families laugh, drink and eat together in flocks like exotic birds. Beauty queens enchant and enamor the crowds, and in the processions there is an endless stream of people of all ages, representing their multi-faceted Colombia through traditional and African-inspired dance in a way that will surely get your heart pumping. The atmosphere is guaranteed to be buzzing; happiness fills the streets and even if you swear you don’t dance – watch out because it’s contagious!
Barranquilla city has a lot to offer during carnival, and the way the festivities transform the city is truly magical. Doors that are normally shut are opened, and the city is enthralled with the energy, movement and colors that can be found on every street corner. Tradition says that carnivals are used to let off steam and release the stress of the previous year in order to start the new year, a celebration of birth and renewal, and the glorious mix of African, European, Pagan and Catholic traditions all comes together to make the perfect chaos that is Barranquilla Carnival.
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