Private Car Rental In Cartagena

As one of the most popular tourist destinations in Colombia, finding quality car rental in Cartagena is important. The city usually gets crowded during holiday seasons when vacationers from all around the world flock to Cartagena for adventure and relaxation. One of the things holidaymakers look for when sojourning is here finding the best method of transportation that suits their needs. Whether you prefer VIP, private, or group transport, Hi Cartagena is ready to take you there in style. If you decide to rent a car, Cartagena will open up more possibilities and experiences than you could ever dream of.

Whether you’re part of a bachelorette party and need a minibus to take you to the mud baths of the Totumo Mud Volcano or if you’re a businessman needing a luxury Cartagena airport transfer, we’ve got your back. We handle transport services for everything from private parties, meetings, special events, and tours with a quality fleet of modern, new vehicles. No matter what you like—sedans, minivans, SUVs, luxury autos, armored cars—Hi Cartagena has something for every style and need.

We handle all pick-ups and drop-offs so the only thing you’re responsible for is enjoying the ride! Our drivers are all local, courteous, bilingual guides who are happy to show you the hidden gems tucked away in and around the city. Cartagena transportation services are professional, respectful, and most of all, punctual. Clients aren’t just our guests; they’re our family, and we want to make sure our family is safe and sound when traveling around our hometown.

All our vehicles come fully-equipped with air conditioning to ensure that you have the most comfortable, smooth ride possible, because the heat of the tropical Colombian jungle can be sweltering for those not used to it. Ride in style, safety, and relaxation as we pick you up straight from your flight and bring you right to your hotel, along with any other destinations you want to stop at along the way.

When you hire a car through Hi Cartagena, you can even customize your package! Take a Kia sedan out to Pablo Escobar’s old residential compound for a couple hours or rent a Toyota Fortuner for a week of high-octane Colombian adventures. There’s never a dull moment in the city, and our drivers are always happy to introduce tourists to the hottest restaurants, bars, and other local favorites so you never run out of ideas for things to do!

Bilingual Chauffeurs

Our bilingual drivers can speak fluent English and Spanish with other language services available in advance. Hi Cartagena guides are professional, experienced, courteous, reliable and punctual, focusing on making your stay in Cartagena the memory of a lifetime. From shopping to dining and from road shows to other tourist attractions, our team of chauffeurs will show you every beautiful nook and cranny nestled in the cobbled streets.

With amazing services from airport transfer, hourly rentals, one way trips, party buses, private tours, town cars, and more, Hi Cartagena has everything you need to enjoy the way you travel on your vacation to this enchanting city. Give us a call today and see for yourself why they call Cartagena the “City of Magic” and “the Heroic”! Experience the magic of Colombia at its finest with Hi Cartagena’s VIP private car services on your next holiday!

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