Car Hire Cartagena

You can’t wait to get away to your dream vacation tour? There is no better way to explore the attractive old city of Cartagena than with your ideal rental car. Hire your own car today at Hi-Cartagena and enjoy the colorful new city. Here at Hi-Cartagena we proudly offer you the best car and professional driver who loves the city. Having trusted reputation in the entire city, we supplies our clients with all types of modern vehicles, whether you need a car for two or a minivan for the entire family, we are here for you.

Who doesn’t love Playa Blanca beach? Who won’t want to tour the beautiful mud Volcano, bask on the mud and enjoy the tropical climate? All this can be possible with just a snap of a figure. Hire a modern Sedan and get to visit the famous Tayrona National Park, the romantic Santa Marta city surrounded by beautiful beaches and also the stunning small town of Caribbean ‘Palomino’

What is the better way to tour Cartagena than exploring the city in a classic car? Drive around the town like a VIP and view all the colorful sites. Visit the amazing historical landmarks and the famous white beaches. Are you travelling alone, with your friends, with your sweetheart or your family? Hi- Cartagena we are here for you, our vehicles can accommodate your whole family and our prices are pocket friendly.

Don’t waste time trying to configure the bus route to your destination or waiting for a tax. Hire your ideal car and enjoy your vacation to the maximum. As the boss to your own vehicle, you can visit the entire attraction sites in Cartagena at your own free time. Say hello to a tour on your own terms. At Hi-Cartagena we have access to all types of cars to fit your travel needs in matters of space, price, reliability and comfort. Our vehicles cater for huge groups and individual travelers. Discover the way to your freedom relaxing comfortably in a modern car with our trained driver taking you all the way.

If you are thinking for the best tourist destination with amazing road trips, then you need to tour Cartagena. Just think about it! Basking on the mud volcano, having a private party of your desire at a classic boat, pool or yacht, taking a cocktail on the awesome beach of Playa Blanca and also enjoying your favorite seafood dish, these are just some of the possible things to experience in Cartagena. Tour Cartagena, hire a car from us, and take a road trip to your dream destination. Get to view beautiful sceneries on the way, as you put down the windows of your Hi-Cartagena rental car and feel the breeze from white beaches.
Whether you need a one way service, car service or van service, we are glad to offer you any of the services. Ride the Cartagena streets in a classic car. All you have to do is have fun; we will take care of everything else. We take care of pickup and drop off, and anything else that happens on the way.

Make arrangements in advance e with us, and hire your dream car in Cartagena today. Not only will you have a chance to select your dream vehicle but you will also be able to hire a car that favors your budget. Simply hire a car at Hi-Cartagena and you will be on the road exploring your favorite spots before you know it. The following are some of our transport services;

Cartagena-Tayrona Van Services $750.00
Cartagena-Santa Marta Van Services $700.00
Cartagena-Palomino Van Services $750.00
Cartagena-Volcano Van Services $250.00
Cartagena-Minca Van Services $850.00
Cartagena-Mompos Van Services $900.00
Cartagena- Mud Volcano car services $150.00
Cartagena- Santa Marta car services $380.00
Cartagena- Mompos car services $500.00
Cartagena- Palomino car services $430.00
Cartagena- Playa Blanca car services $150.00
Cartagena Downtown/Airport-Van 14pax $70.00
Airport Drop Round Trip Service- Pickup and drop off Sedan $50.00
Airport Drop off- One Way Service Sedan $25.00

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