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Café del Mar

Situated atop the Baluarte Santo Domingo, the westernmost point of Cartagena’s 17th century fortifications, this upscale lounge affords a spectacular vista with 360 degree sight lines over both the Carribean sea and the entire old city. Drinks are slightly expensive but the extra cost is well worth the view.

Regularly hosting important regional events such as Miss Colombia, Rumba Estereo and Cafe del Mar’s signature “Full Moon” and “Ibiza Connection” parties, Cafe del Mar has become a hotspot for the affluent crowd in Cartagenan society.

The lounge was founded in 2002 by Peter Hklir, a German citizen who wanted to establish a central spot where people could relax and enjoy Ibiza-styled lounge and house tracks, savory food and popular cocktails year-round – in fact, it’s the only bar in the area which never sleeps and if you want to say hi, Peter can be found working there 365 days a year.

Reserve by phone at + 57 314 594-8838