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La Boquilla


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Boquilla Mangrove Tour

If you’ve got a green streak and you’d like to try something focused on nature, here’s a fantastic way to spend the morning with your friends and family. In this three hour tour, we’ll take you from your hotel to the old village of Boquilla where you’ll make your way by canoe into “La Cienaga de La Virgen” – the ancient, foliage-covered tunnels of the mangrove forest. In fact, our route matches that of the Spaniards in the 17th century.

This is a fascinating experience – after the Mangroves, we’ll take you into the Pre-Colombian Archeological Park where you’ll get a chance to check out how people lived back then, and you’ll see some amazing ancient ovens and sculptures. Moreover, there are literally hundreds of species of birds here who make their homes in Cartagena’s mangroves; it’s a treat for both your eyes and ears.


Included in the trip are transport to Boquilla (Manzanillo del Mar), the canoe trip through the mangroves, entrance to the Archeological Park, and transport back to Cartagena.

What's Included

  • Transportation
  • Hand Guided Canoe tour
  • Canoe mangrove tour
  • Billingual assistant
  • Fishing show
  • Tradicional Lunch
  • A bottle of water

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