Bizarre Caribbean Food Tour

Bizarre Caribbean Food Tour

For anyone with whacky culinary curiousness or simply an interest in what fills Colombian stomachs, this tour is a must. Offered in English on Sundays from 10am to 4pm, this mouth-watering, air-conditioned tour takes you through some of the lost villages of the coast, sampling traditional flavors as you go. This tour was actually enjoyed by none other than Bizzare Foods own Andrew Zimmern! So you know it’s got a stamp of approval from culinary television royalty!From savoury alligator tail to chewy armadillo and even jungle rat (you read that right), you’ll sample some recipes which have been in common use for over 350 years. You’ll even get a chance to make your own cocada dessert, an ancient african concoction.

At only $90US per person, this day-long tour is a bargain. The only caveat is that we need a minimum of five people in order to make the bookings. If you’re in a group of at least five, great! If not, let us know when you’d like to go and we’ll let you know if others have booked in too.

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