Best Tours in Cartagena

Cartagena is not only the most popular beach destination but also a home rich of historical and cultural artifacts. See the best of Cartagena on a guided tour to its colorful colonial buildings, the white sand beaches and followed by a tour through it narrow cobblestone streets. During lunch break take a walking tour around the city. Over the years, Cartagena has gained an impressive reputation due to it fantastic guided tours.

Hi-Cartagena is the only place that offers the best Cartagena tour services. Not only do the welcome you on arrival but they also take you through the ins and outs of the city. Get the best experience at Cartagena with us. Our team is full of trained and caring stuffs, may it be drivers, chefs, tour guide and so on. We have everything you need to enjoy the tropical climate of Cartagena beaches. Below is a list of the best tours in Cartagena;

Beach tours

If you are a fun of beach tours, Cartagena is the place to be. Coral leaves, impressive mangroves, greenish palm trees and cobblestone streets beautiful waterways complements Cartagena city. Enjoy the calm tropical weather under the palm trees of Playa Blanca; also enjoy the white sand beaches as well as picturesque scenes. Playa Blanca is regarded as the most wonderful beach in Cartagena. Customize your beach tour with Hi-Cartagena tour services.

Food tours

Whether you are in need of a stopover snack or a delicious healthy meal, hit the Cartagena streets to experience food like Cartagena people. Enjoy the Colombia mouth watering bizarre dishes. In Cartagena streets we believe the easiest way to gain knowledge of people culture is through food. Also taste the amazing tropical fruits of Cartagena like papaya, lulo, guanabana, nispero and others. Quench your thirst with Cartagena cocktail.

Island tours

Experience the sun and sand sea with absolute chill out in the incredible Rosario Island. Receive the pleasure of a world class voyage by joining a private Rosario island tour. Organize a family and friends private tour with Hi-Cartagena. Have the privilege to tour your own paradise Island destination. Get a chance to sail on the precious clean water of Caribbean. Get transport services to desired Island destination with Hi-Cartagena.
Have an opportunity to join the First Class Rosario Island tour. Hire your own private speed boat, sailboat, yacht or catamaran. Let yourself be free of worries by contacting Hi-Cartagena to carry out the arrangements. With Hi-Cartagena: your needs matters.

Bicycle tours

Ride your favorite bike around the stunning streets of Cartagena, accompanied by a private trained guide: who will take you around the walled old town. Pedal past the beautiful colonial buildings.
Bike riding tour is something totally unique; actually it is the new idea of paradise. Exercise your muscles as you view the special and cultural features of Cartagena. Hi- Cartagena are here to provide you with a bike, helmet and guide at a pocket friendly price.

Boat tours

If you want to have it all in the Island, boat tour is for you. We have an excellent crew that will help you to enjoy the Island maximally. Hire a boat and enjoy the beautiful nature of Cartagena Island with you family and friends. Have a romantic boat trip with your loved once. Enjoy a canoe mangrove trip at Boquilla Mangrove. Sail on a motor boat at Paradise Island.

Volcano tours

Volcano tour is very fun and wonderful experience. You will definitely love it. Totumo Mad Volcano is the best volcano believed to have powerful healing properties. Bathing on this incredible ash and hot spring mixture makes you skin smooth and great. Relax with your friend basking on this marvelous volcano. Hi-Cartagena will provide with all the basic and luxury needs as you tour Totumo.

City tours

Tour around the city and meet the friendly people of Cartagena. Visit the extraordinary ancient sites. Our guides will take you through the historical significances of various sceneries. Visit the most popular churches such as Iglesia de Santo Domingo. Customize you tour by making arrangements with Hi-Cartagena; they will offer you everything you need.

Walking tours

For person who needs to capture every detail of Cartagena, walking tour is what you need. It is fun and so extraordinary. The wall city is very special place to walk around, plus there are plenty of historical sites to view at Cartagena. Hi-Cartagena has highly trained tour guides: who knows ins and outs of this gorgeous city.

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