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Playa Blanca


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Banana Beach

“Life´s a beach” they say, and truly, you will love life at Banana Beach on Playa Blanca.  Take this day trip with Hi Cartagena to enjoy a huge white sandy beach edging a crystal-clear blue sea.  At Banana Beach, you’ll find an exotic slice of paradise, complete with delicious Spanish food and a great DJ.  

Chill out on a private sun lounger or comfy bed, set on an exclusive part of this popular beach.  You’ll be served fresh cocktails and liquors on ice and plates piled high with frehly caught fish and coconut rice.  If you stay the night (and we recommend that you do), you’ll also be blessed with a famous Baru island sunset.  Dip your toes in the warm Caribbean sea while the sun turns from soft pink to a wild illumination of oranges, reds and yellow. 

Just 45 minutes away from the busy city center of Cartagena, the Banana Beach tour is one of our most popular tours.  It’s your opportunity to chill with friends in a beautiful natural setting without breaking the bank!  Please note that Banana Beach isn’t a private beach and although it’s on the quieter stretch of playa Blanca, you will still receive offers from beach vendors.  But don’t worry, a simple “No quiero nada, gracias” in Spanish is enough for them to move on.

We tailor-make our tours to fit your needs, so if you’re looking for a specific kind of experience, let us know and we’ll set it up for you! Also check Nena Beach in Playa Blanca.

Experience with us here at Hi Cartagena, and let us take care of everything to give you as much time as possible to lie back, relax and enjoy Cartagena to the max, minimo 4 pax

What's Included

  • Car transport to and from Banana Beach
  • Day-bed with towel service
  • A welcome cocktail
  • Starter & Main course a la carte
  • A 500 ml bottle of water

What's Not

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