Day Trips

“Life´s a beach” they say, and truly, you will love life at Banana Beach on Playa Blanca.  Take this day trip with Hi Cartagena to enjoy a huge white sandy beach edging a crystal-clear blue sea.  At Banana Beach, you’ll find an exotic slice of paradise..

From: $60.00

Escape from the city and spend the day enjoying this private island with three beaches to choose from. When you’re not soaking up the sun, sand and sea, the island facilities also offer a bar, restaurant, spa, souvenir shop and self-guided ecological tour.

From: $65.00

Enjoy a relaxing day at Blue Apple Beach, one of Cartagena’s best resort far away from all the traffic and stress. You can choose to stay the night in a luxury cabana or come back to Cartagena before night-fall, rested, relaxed and ready for a night on the town!  

From: $88.00

Enjoy a unforgettable day cruise to Rosario islands on a luxury catamaran.We’ll pick you up at the hotel and make sure you get on the catamaran from the pier.


Cartagena is known for its vibrant sunsets that paint the sky with orange, pink and purple hues. While there are many spots around the city to catch a glimpse of this daily show, few locations beat the view from the water.

From: $24.00

The definitive Cartagena experience, it’s time to hit the Cholon party Cartagena. Not got enough people for it to be worth hiring a full private boat for a day at Cholon? Don’t worry! Our shared tour is only $175 including open bar, food and host!… definitely the best package in town!

From: $175.00

Can’t choose between spending your day at the pool or the beach? Well, now you don’t have to. At Gente de Mar resort, you’ll get the best of both worlds. The Caribbean Sea is just steps away!

From: $70.00

For a piece of paradise that comes along with peace of mind, this eco resort fits the bill. Environmentally conscious visitors will appreciate the sustainability practices of this property, all while relaxing on the chic but eco-friendly beach furniture.

From: $65.00

At Nena Beach, you’re escaping the crowds and stepping into a more tranquil environment that’s both rustic and glamourous. So play some beach volleyball, sip a tropical cocktail while sitting on a swing, or simply jump in the waves.

From: $90.00

If you’ve ever found yourself singing along to this song, wondering what life on the high seas was like for Blackbeard and all his pirate friends, then you’re in the right place. Pirate Tour in Cartagena..

From: $40.00

For centuries, everyone from Blackbeard to Ernest Hemingway and adventurers have sailed the renowned, pristine waters of the Caribbean. Here’s your chance to join them and embark on an incredible voyage by going on a private  Rosario Islands tour with Hi Cartagena!

From: $499.00



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