A wonderful way to experience the beauty of old Cartagena, a horse-drawn carriage brings you around in style. Our most common tour features a professional guide who narrates a one-hour ride throughout all the most beautiful and interesting places of the old city.

From: $30.00

Cartagena has a rich cultural scene with indigenous, European, African and Indian influences all of which shine in both the art and architecture of the old city

From: $75.00

Hi Cartagena invites you to wander in the wilderness amongst exotic birds and lush green trees at the Aviario National Park, home to some of the rarest and most exotic species of birds in South America – 135 different types to be exact.

From: $90.00

With Hi Cartagena’s Barhopper Tour, we can guarantee you will be taken to the best joints in town by one of our charming bilingual concierges, all of whom have impeccable taste and know this city like the back of their hand.

From: $90.00

The longest of the four tours, the bay bicycle tour begins in the historical center. From the old city wall we proceed near Boca Grande, following alongside the beautiful Caribbean Sea.

From: $45.00

The theme of fort bicycle tour  revolves around the system of fortifications which defended the city from numerous pirate attacks and filibusters in colonial times. We’ll visit important locations along the wall and we’ll look at different strongholds.

From: $45.00

If you are a lover of all things weird and wonderful and aren’t averse to putting strange things in your mouth (er, we’re talking about food), this tour is the one for you.

From: $95.00

You like to party and want to have a great time the way the locals do? Most noteworthy while touring around the beautiful and romantic city of Cartagena? Then the Night time Party Chiva Tour is your best bet.

From: $17.00

Come with us on an historical, three hour walking tour of the Walled city of Cartagena de Indias. We’ll take you through the most prominent locations.

From: $40.00

You will be picked up and taken to our jeweler who will introduce you to the art of making beautiful jewelry with emerald and silver.

From: $150.00

Thinking of planning a perfect day plan for your family? A plan which especially involves and includes even the little ones in the family. And surely going through a gallery of options online, has made the decision making somewhat tough.

From: $499.00

You know how beautiful the tropical islands are with its blue and turquoise waters, now try to imagine it from above! Its something really special and this experience Hi Cartagena Helicopter tour offers you will leave you amazed!

From: $2,040.00