If you’re looking for fine dining and a romantic evening, make sure to book in advance at Alma (we can help you with that).

Bacco is a trattoria dedicated to exceptional Italian food and wine enjoyment located in Barrio San Diego in the Old Town.

One of the trendiest new restaurants in Cartagena, this upbeat and innovative venue is summed up by the words cool, creative and contemporary chic.

Cafe Mila This all-day bakery and dessert spot is located just around the corner from the Cathedral in the Old Town.

Candé aims to deliver its guests an unforgettable experience with a chance to enjoy Cartagena with all your senses.

It’s no doubt that Carmen has been dubbed Cartagena’s best restaurant over and over again when their moto is “love is in the details”.

Founded in 1956, it is one of the most traditional and famous restaurants in the city. Its historical and marine environment is characterized by its location within the Bay of Cartagena.

Collage is located just around the corner from the Clock Tower entrance to Cartagena’s old town and is basically hipster heaven.

Peruvian cuisine in the world came to Cartagena to Cuzco , a restaurant that allows visitors transported to the South American country proving their exotic cuisine .

Delicious food, great ambiance, super friendly staff.. these are the hallmarks of excellence.

Local food celebrity, Chef Juan Felipe Camacho and his equally talented designer wife, Maria have paired up to bring Cartagena the upscale dining experience it deserves to have.

Dress to impress and make sure to book ahead for this beautifully formal, yet welcoming dining room.



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