Located in what used to be a two-story mansion constructed in 1910, Cartagena’s newest and hippest cocktail bar, Alquímico, is taking Cartagena’s cocktail culture to the next level.

Small and intimate, Babar Lounge is also upscale and trendy. Typical of the latest Miami night-clubs, there’s a smart dress code in effect and the atmosphere is chic, stylish and ultra-modern.

Cafe del Mar is situated atop the Baluarte Santo Domingo, the westernmost point of Cartagena’s 17th century fortifications, this upscale lounge affords a spectacular vista with 360 degree sight lines over both the Carribean sea and the entire old city.

Whether you want to dance with your friends or sit back, relax and watch everyone else, Cafe Havana is an excellent place to enjoy the best music

From: $10

Casa Cruxada, restaurant downstairs and upstairs Bar & Dance Club”. This is our  favorite place for after super deli dinner at white patio..

From: $10

For cold, tasty beer and great salsa beats, the place to be is Donde Fidel.

The super chilled out vibe, excellent music, amazing cocktails and exceptionally friendly staff who even give out free hugs are what make this place so great..

From: $10

El Bar del Sur, aka The Bar of the South is cool, I mean damn cool and comparable to some of the coolest bars found in big cities all over the world.

This restaurant/bar/cafe is running the show in terms of drinking spots in the city when it comes to speciality coffee and cocktails.

From: $10

La Jugada Club is a super new, super hot bar bringing a whole new element to the world of elegance and class when it comes to the local bar scene in Cartagena.

From: $10

La Movida delivers a mixture between European exquisiteness and Caribbean allurement with a retro-vintage style. Although best known as a bar/nightclub for the A-listers of Cartagena, La Movida posses a tapas menu executed by Chef Rodrigo Diaz, of Barranquilla’s best restaurant, El Celler offering Spanish inspired small plates.

From: $10

At midnight head on over to Mister Babilla to join the bus loads of chicas in wild rumba! Located on Calle del Arsenal in Getsemani, Mister Babilla is a clean, safe alternative to the usual craziness..

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