99 Things We Love About Cartagena

  1. Watching the sunset with a cold beer from the wall
  2. Sun. Sun. Sun. Sun. Sun and more Sun. Almost everyday
  3. People watching in Plaza de la Trinidad in Getsemani
  4. Super friendly and welcoming locals
  5. Strolling through the Old Town and getting aimlessly lost
  6. Having dinner in one of Cartagena’s most famous plazas
  7. Limonada de Coco
  8. Bright, colourfully painted houses
  9. Music!!! Champeta, Vallenato, Reggaeton, Cumbia, Salsa…we love it all!!!
  10. Dancing to said music in the streets or at the club
  11. The beautiful lights that fill the city at Christmas time
  12. Arepa de huevo
  13. Day trips to the Islands
  14. Bike rides
  15. Ice Cream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. Cartagena’s got this sweet treat down to a T
  16. Reading a book, sitting in the little windows of the Wall in the Old Town
  17. Drinks at Cafe del Mar
  18. Juan Valdez coffee dates
  19. Amazing doors and door handles on the old colonial homes
  20. Fruit salad
  21. Entering a building with Air Conditioning after being outside for hours
  22. Pizza!!!!! Cartagena is packed with amazing pizza joints all over the city
  23. Long walks on the beach
  24. Bolis. A local snack which is basically a freezie (frozen juice in a bag)
  25. Going to the beach, any beach, and the fact that there are many
  26. Panama hats
  27. Zumba classes, especially the free ones in Plaza de la Trinidad on Sunday nights
  28. The feeling of relief you get when there’s a breeze
  29. Seafood, ceviche and shrimp cocktails
  30. Sunday Fundays…however you choose to spend them
  31. Weekend getaways to Playa Blanca
  32. Island tours, bike tours, walking tours, food tours, tours for everything
  33. 4pm and onwards, when the temperature is finally bearable to go out and enjoy the beautiful city
  34. Cartageneros gorgeous smiles and twinkle in their eyes
  35. The beautiful churches and plazas
  36. Kola Roman and the fact that it is only available in Cartagena
  37. Ron Medellin and Aguardiente shots
  38. Rasapa’o, Cartagenas snow cone
  39. Walking around the Old Town and peaking in the windows of the beautiful colonial homes and having a new “dream home” every week
  40. Fresh, tropical fruit…everywhere!
  41. The unlimited supply of cold beverages being sold on the streets
  42. Pool Days, especially the rooftops ones
  43. Rooftop bars and parties, and the fact that they are very easy to find
  44. Snorkling in the islands
  45. Fried fish with coconut rice and fried plantains
  46. You can buy the beautiful handmade ‘wayuu mochila’ bags from La Guajira in a variety of colours and sizes
  47. Papas rellenas, deep fried potato balls stuffed with meat and or egg
  48. Medialuna Hostel Parties on Wednesday nights
  49. Thunderstorms, when it rains it pours, and being thankful that it did
  50. November and all its great parties celebrating Cartagena’s independence
  51. Lulo mojitos
  52. Walking down the streets is like reading a history book
  53. Siestas, especially when taken in a hammock
  54. Weddings every weekend
  55. Terms of endearment used by everyone, for everyone…“mi amor, mi vida, mi reina”
  56. Shakiro. Once you see him, you will know
  57. Empanadas for breakfast
  58. You can buy practically anything on the street
  59. Clubs like Fragma with multiple rooms, each playing different genres of music
  60. Countless FREE concerts and events
  61. Playing in the waves of Boca Grande’s beach
  62. The cast-iron statues
  63. Drinking in public is not a crime
  64. Visiting the museums
  65. The beautiful flower covered balconies
  66. Las Palenqueras, the ladies selling tropical fruit in their traditional, colourful attire
  67. Cartagena Fashion
  68. Street food
  69. Feeding the monkeys in Parque Centenario
  70. Sunset sails around the bay
  71. Kite surfing
  72. Buying coconut sweets from the Portal de los Dulces in the Old Town
  73. The mimes are actually hilarious
  74. Rooftop yoga, it’s the best
  75. Tayrona National Park is only 5 hours away
  76. Moto Taxis and Colectivos
  77. Music blaring from peoples homes, cars, city busses and portable speakers
  78. Learning how to dance Champeta at Bazurto Social Club
  79. Awesome street-art
  80. Everything about El Zanahoriazo…his delicious carrot juice, head to toe orange outfits, contagious smile and love of life
  81. Romantic walks along the wall after sunset
  82. Salsa Bars
  83. Trying new tropical fruits in the form of natural juice
  84. Colourful bikes with baskets
  85. Feeling incredibly safe and welcomed in a country which at one point was named one of the most dangerous countries in the world
  86. Colombia coffee
  87. Learning and trying to speak “Costeñol”, the local dialect
  88. Understanding the meaning of “Magical Realism” and how perfectly it describes Cartagena
  89. Street parties
  90. Work-outs in Manga’s bayside
  91. Swimming in the sea
  92. Buying fresh fish from the fisherman
  93. Deditos de queso
  94. Drinking outside of Donde Fidel’s
  95. The Regatta parties in Cholon, giant boat parties hosted by one of Cartagena’s most famous islands
  96. Happy hour drinks
  97. Ficci, Cartagena’s very own International Film Festival
  98. Browsing the book stalls in Parque Centenario
  99. How it casts a spells on you, making you never want to leave…

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