1 Day Gym Pass

We’ve all been there, a few days on holiday living it up. Lot’s of eating out, lots of booze, lots of relaxing on the beach or by the pool. After a few days that swimsuit begins to feel a little tight and everything starts looking a little frayed.

This is when we need sweat all that binging out of our system and get back in the game. Nothing better for this than a day at one of Cartagena’s top gyms. Look out over the magnificent Caribbean Sea while burning off all those recentrly accrued calories. You’ll arrive back home tanned and toned, sure to inspire a little jealousy back at the office!

Get in touch with us now to organise a gym day at Cartagena’s most luxuty gym, we’ll arrange for transportation and ttake you to a fantastic health food restaurant after to get you a shake and serious protein injection.

Email us at info@hicartagena.com for more info

Or call or WhatsApp us on +57 314 5948838

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